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We breed and finish a number of different types of pigs here at Bettys Farm. The important thing for us is that each and every pig is reared outdoors with plenty of access to roam, play, and explore

A little bit about some of our breeds…..

British Saddleback
The British Saddleback is the result of the amalgamation of two similar breeds, the Essex and Wessex Saddleback
Saddlebacks are hardy and noted for their mothering ability. The breed continues to be used mainly to provide coloured dams for the production of first-cross porkers, baconers and heavy pigs

Gloucester Old Spot
Although if old paintings are to be trusted, there have been spotted pigs around for two or three centuries, the Gloucestershire Old Spots has only had pedigree status since the early 20th century
The GOS pig today has a very fine carcase and produces top quality meat for all purposes be it pork chops, roasting joints or sausages. Meat of this quality is in demand by the more discerning public and many butchers are now specialising in it

The Kunekune pig, originally kept by Maoris in New Zealand, are friendly hairy pigs born in a variety of colours
The pig thrives well on grass and the carcass finishes slightly smaller and slightly fatter than the 2 breeds above making it ideal for artisan products such as salami and garlic sausage

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At Christmas here on Bettys Farm you will find us really busy preparing and selling our turkeys!

Every turkey is reared, dispatched, and processed here in our certified area meaning we have full control over the whole process and the welfare of the bird

Our birds arrive here on the farm between June and August meaning they have plenty of time to mature into the full traditional flavoured table bird

All our turkeys are reared outdoors in secure pens (away from the fox!) 

Our Turkeys are fed on quality ration that contains;
NO growth enhancers
NO steroids
NO GM Ingredient 

It is important to us that the bird stays safe, has a high welfare life, and tastes great!


Although we are predominantly pig and poultry farmers we do like to run a small herd of Texel Lambs in our field alongside 3 to 4 mutton ewes 

A special treat when we butcher and something a little bit different than pork on a Sunday!

The Texel Lambs are full of flavour and whilst the carcass produced is somewhat smaller than most commercial breeds we believe the flavour to be far superior in taste and texture

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